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Wedding Venue

A wedding is usually a once-in-a-lifetime moment for most people, which makes it the perfect reason to have a big wedding. It’s undoubtedly a special occasion that should be celebrated with substantial extravagance and festivities. However, like any large-scale party, planning a wedding isn’t as easy as it may sound. From looking after the flower arrangements to saying “yes” to the dress, there’s a lot that goes into making your vision come to life for the wedding day of your dreams.


Among many other challenges of planning and organizing a wedding, you may be struggling to find a wedding event venue that won’t make to compromise on the seating, decor, and overall environment of your special day. Outdoor weddings are an excellent choice when you live in a state like Florida, which allows you to enjoy the weather while exchanging vows with your significant other.


At Windy Acres Farms, we offer the perfect wedding party venue in Florida to help you celebrate the magical moment. Our event venue offers over 20 acres of space that you can use for your seating arrangements, flower decor, photo booths, props, and so much more.

Finding the Right Wedding Event Venue in Lake County

There’s a lot to think about when you’re looking for the right wedding event venue. From its location to the overall atmosphere and the amount of space available to accommodate all your guests, it can be overwhelming for event planners and the couple when they’re looking to book the ideal wedding event venue in Lake County.

Fortunately, there’s no better space for you to work with than Windy Acres Farms when you want your wedding event venue to offer a breath of fresh air and a serene ambiance to all your guests.

Whether you need a venue for a wedding after-party or are looking for an outdoor spot for your wedding chapel to conduct the ceremony, our wedding venue in Florida has all the right amenities, space, and arrangements to help you with everything you need.

An Immaculate Space for Your Outdoor Wedding in Florida

One of the biggest event planning trends is that of outdoor weddings. In fact, most people choose outdoor venues in states like Florida, where the weather isn’t a cause for concern in party planning. You can use our outdoor wedding venue in Florida for your vows, the ceremony, and even the post-ceremony reception.

With our wedding party venue in Florida booked for your big day, you will have one less thing to worry about while you take care of the other aspects of your upcoming nuptials.

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